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To LoVe 2015: Unemployment In India

Unemployment in India is a glaring problem. Unemployment in the educated people is all the more grim and serious. The Government has miserably failed on this front. All our plans stand null and void when this stupendous problem confronts us. The lone registers of employment exchanges are full and over flowing. The authorities feel helpless before the gigantic problem which increasing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of graduates and postgraduates come out of the portals of universities. They want job. They want honourable way of living. They want two square meals. How long they be parasites on their parents? They want to be self-sufficient. They wish to stand on their own. But the answer to it is big ‘NO’.

The unskilled labour may find a place, because it is cheap and easily available. But when we talk of skilled labour and educated people, we find ourselves stupefied. We cannot give this class a respectable job. This class which has acquired education, training and technical know-how at a great personal sacrifice feels frustrated when not offered a job. It protests. It demonstrates. It becomes a rebel. It organises strikes and lock-outs.

It is the duty id the Government to solve this huge problem at the earliest. Too much of unemployed youth means open rebellion. It gives rise to terrorist’s activity.

All social agencies should pool their resources and take out the youth out of the morass of unemployment. Save him falling a prey to undesired and illegal activities. This giant problem starks them in the face. If early solution isn’t found, I am afraid, the country will be doomed. It will plunge into darkness. It will invite a social revolution of great magnitude.
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